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Wallpaper Evolution


In the past, when people spoke about wallpaper, an idea of old-fashioned and outmoded furniture came to mind.

Today, thanks to the latest trends in design, the use of wallpaper has become the distinctive element that gives our houses that extra touch of creativity and style.

Black and White Elegance

Although thin, a sheet of wallpaper holds within itself innovative materials such as linen, cellulose, nylon and other types of fibres. On the outside, it presents seductive colours and patterns that are able to harmonize every type of environment. Giving it a unique identity.

Many companies in the sector focus on minimal solutions but with a strong character.

The geometric shapes depicted on the wallpaper create a sense of not indifferent depth and spaciousness. The delicate color and well coordinated with the other furnishing elements gives back to the sight an effect of well-being.

Within the collections there are generally on offer over 100 creative ideas. Characterized by a fil rouge of black and white with a few hints of colors. Simple to apply, all the figures can be made to measure. After processing, the material becomes flexible, resistant and rollable without losing porosity, a fundamental characteristic to guarantee the magnificent “wall effect” texture.

Flowers Technology

Innovation is the main feature of the David Selection collection by N.O.W. Editions.

Pietro Gaeta, founder of the brand, offers us the opportunity, up to a few years ago unthinkable, to enable the insertion of  wallpaper even in humid environments and in direct contact with the water. So as to be able to fully enrich each area of our home.

The collection is mainly made up of digital frescoes. The revolution is the ability to customize our wallpaper with custom-made glass fibres. With exceptional performance that prevent wear of the used support.

The floral concept is an evergreen that has always been a symbol of a romantic style. But, in this collection, it is revisited in a decidedly more modern mood. Petals and stems are depicted with delicate shapes and nuances on the edge of the abstract. This wallpaper can also be used in other rooms of the house, such as the bedroom and the living area.

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