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Transparent extralight crystal small table, tempered and glued, with a central holding tank. The double floor allows variuos objects to be placed inside the low table, while the basin, thanks to a bonding that guarantees the water seal, can be used as a vase, flower box or fish tank. A version with bioethanol-powered stainless steel burner is also available.

Design Jean Marie Massaud

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Glas Italia: Italian glass interior design

In 1970, Glas Italia made its way into the Italian interior glass design industry, and there has been no looking back ever since. They excel in making glass furniture to spice up the overall look of your home’s interior décor.

Coffee Table Glas Crack

Coffee Table Glas Crack are uniquely designed coffee tables with the choice of light inside them. The decorative effect of shattered glass gives it a striking look.

Mirror Glas Italia Prism

Mirror Glas Italia Prism is a collection of mirrors having a range of shapes. These mirrors are decorated with bevellings as well.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glas Italia is best known for glass coffee tables of various styles and designs, glass showpieces, mirrors, glass screens, and shelves. There are plenty of designs to choose from if you intend to decorate your home to your optimum best.

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