Sitap: Modern Designer Carpets


Sitap: comfort and elegance of a piece of furniture like the carpet but with a unique and refined style.

From 1955 to today, in the province of Piacenza, an Italian company, continues its research for style, material and design in the production of extraordinary carpets. Sitap has become an Italian excellence, thanks to the collaboration of Mario, Gian Mario Bosoni and Barbara Trombatore united by love for art, beauty and contemporary design.

Extraordinary design

The excellence of the materials made available in unique pieces and custom made. Innovative design born from the passion for Italian art
and fashion, trends and fabrics full of imagination. Panther, is a carpet make only on order, captures you in a single glance. This carpet is the representation of a panther. Fascinating and engaging colors, blue and grey, with golden details of the panther’s eyes, enriched by the presence of diamonds.

Direct line to the world

Constantly traveling in India, Turkey, Tibet, Morocco, between yarns and history, Sitap makes it possible to create carpets that capture the heart.Thanks to constant research, Sitap offers alternatives for every environment, indoor, outdoor and with extra attention also for the little ones, with cheerful and fun designs made for children.

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