Seletti: Designer Chairs, Toilet Paper, Decor Objects


Seletti is one of those bands specializing in producing odd stuff that you can find in every engaging environment. The products are quite elegant and classy to look at, improving the overall interior of the house by several notches.

Armchair Seletti Heritage

Armchair Heritage is a unique style armchair with wooden structure and seat made of velvet. It can go into living rooms as well as lawns and porches.

Bedding Set Seletti

Bedding Set With Holes is a set of bed coverings made of cotton fabric. They are not only good quality wise but also pleasant to look at.

Household Accessories

This brand’s items mainly include designer chairs, Italian lamps, decor accessories, toilet paper design pieces and other showpieces of various shapes, sizes, and design to place at nooks and corners of the house. The patterns are trendy and stylish imparting a major positive vibe to your home.

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