Sedit: Superior Edition


Sedit is a young but a thick company.

Founded in 2003 and specializing in the production of complementary furniture with specific focus on tables and chairs.

Sedit’s strong point is the search for precious materials such as antique wood, bricole of the Venetian lagoon, ceramics, and other material. Once the materials are obtained, creativity and contemporary design come into play.

Bricole Of The Venice Lagoon

a particular and sought-after wood. Laguna: table available in the rectangular and round version, with extravagant shapes combined with the simplicity and transparency of glass. It is certainly a particular piece of furniture, elegant and at the same time highly sought after.

Innovative Designs

The catalogue of Sedit is characterizing also by “Multi-Functional”, furniture accessories that make every type of design item and context special. Single: table, desk and storage unit. It is a perfect piece of furniture for each room, modern and space-saving, optional extras: assisted closing and anti-crushing system.

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