March 21, 2017


Welcome to FRNSHX

The World’s Largest Selector of Design

Market Side

FRNSHX is a marketplace linking retailers (sellers) and customers (buyers) in the high-end furniture market.

Traditionally, retailers operating in the market compete to gain web presence and sell on a large scale, online.

Often, their efforts to get this goal led to no result, because of several obstacles. Examples of which are: high marketing costs, difficulties with customer relationship management, logistics coordination, returns & refunds management.

FRNSHX’s business model, on the B2B side, makes it possible for retailers to achieve the global market goal by centralizing the processes so that the mentioned hard obstacles get not anymore that hard.

On the B2C side, FRNSHX’s value proposition is differentiated and might be understood, at least on its most superficial part, by looking at the website. A path has been designed for costumers who choose FRNSHX to design & furnish their home. They will be followed step-by-step by experts during the whole purchasing process and even before, making it possible to buy (high-end) furniture online.

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