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Rivestimento: 61944 Cat. P5, Biscotto e fascia frontale: 61944 Cat. P6 Cannetato, Cuscini spalla: trapuntati di serie Cartella Leather

Costo finitura piedi diversa da noce: 28 Cad.

Dai un’occhiata alle diverse alternative proposte da Epoque. Spesso ognuna è disponibile in più di un rivestimento/colore, contattaci per ulteriori info e supporto nella scelta del prodotto.

Alternative: Epoque

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Structure: wood and its derived, crossed elastic belts and high resistance. The seat support can be supplied with coil springs with additional cost.

Padding: polyurethane, polyester fibers; seat and shoulder pillows in piumex eiderdown. On request, it is possible to customize the padding with additional costs.

Features: pillows with rhombuses patterns.

Upholstery: 61944 Cat. P5, Biscotto e fascia frontale: 61944 Cat. P6 Cannetato, Cuscini spalla: trapuntati di serie Cartella Leather.

Foot material cost different from walnut: 28 Each.

Have a look at the several alternatives Epoque proposes. Often, each one is available in more than one covering/color. Write us for further information & support with the choice of the product.

Alternatives: Epoque

Design Epoque by Egon Furstenberg


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Epoque by Egon Furstenberg

EPOQUE & CO. is an Italian company based in Altamura (BA). The focus of the retails is the development and expansion of the project on the national and international market. The company's flagship collection is EPOQUE by EGON FURSTENBERG. The home collection by Egon Furstenberg is fashion, glamour and always seduce with enchanting furnishing proposals. The future of history philosophy is the LIFE MOTIVE that, even today, orients the maison in production. In fact, the collection consists of sofas of classic inspiration, refined, recognizable by the beauty of the fabrics, ranging from velvet to pure silk, studied exclusively with the best Italian weavers. The collection is also considered an ultra modern and chic style The home collection today consists not only in the upholstered furniture, but offers also with lamps and glassware.

Epoque Furniture

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