Poltrona Frau: Designer Armchairs, Italian Sofas, Luxury Tables


Poltrona Frau, synonym of the Italian thing

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Poltrona Frau was created in the year 1912 by Mr. Renzo Frau, who is also the enterprising and creative head of the company. 

Hailing from Cagliari, Mr. Frau has been able to make the company a renowned international brand that is known for its creative and elegant designs in the field of furniture. The company has gained many achievements and from a local brand in Torino it has grown to gain worldwide fame.

Made in Italy Armchairs and Sofas

Elegant designs that reflect the classy creativity of Italian craftsmanship, these armchairs and sofas made available by Poltrona Frau are intended to enhance the beauty and decor of your living or dining rooms. Made from the best materials they are not only good to look at but also sturdy furniture to have in your homes.

High-End Tables and Chairs

Made for every need starting from commercial to personal use, these brilliant tables and chairs by Poltrona Frau make your office space and living quarters shine bright. Capable of attracting attention, these ingeniously carved tables and chairs are the perfect furniture to invest in.

Designer Beds

Keeping your comfort and convenience in mind, this brand presents to you a wide range of comfortable and exquisite beds that are sure to give you great night’s sleep. Single, double and master beds are all available by Poltrona Frau.

Whether it is your dining space, kitchen, living room, commercial space, bedroom or dining room, these exquisite list of furniture from Poltrona Frau are the perfect choice.

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