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Outdoor Design

Kettal Outdoor

The boundary between the internal and the external environments of a home becomes ever more subtle.

In fact, today we consider terraces, balconies and gardens as an extension of our home. We provide them with everything we need to host our moments of relaxation and conviviality. As if they were, in fact, additional rooms with every comfort.

Small External Spaces

Not all houses are equipped with large gardens that can be exploited to the last square meter.

In urban centers they are often small balconies or small terraces that are only sources of “open air” space.

There are many companies that deal with outdoor furniture, creating collections for the so-called small spaces.

This is the case of Roberti Rattan who proposes Gravity, a champagne-coloured steel rocking-sofa. With a support structure able to literally “hang” the seat without cluttering the floor. Making it a precious addition to the design of a small space.

Outdoor Design

Urban Jungle

The urban jungle style has recently spread like wildfire starting from the interiors of our homes up to the outermost areas.

Whether it’s a small balcony or a large garden, the urban jungle decor is able to create an oasis of well-being that takes your mind and body away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Plants with wide leaves, strong colors like green and all its shades, natural materials such as wood or intertwined fibres are the key elements that characterize this recent outdoor trend to live 365 days a year.

Baxter and Kettal, industry leaders, give their contribution by creating a real “green oasis” thanks to elements in perfect urban jungle style.

In fact, Baxter offers us several collections that have been developed from the urban philosophy. The Craklè, Tilda and Manila chairs are some of the most representative proposals of the mood. The processing of the elements and the attention to detail make the environments unique.

Excellent for those who love lines with ethereal lightness.

Kettal con Riva“, a complete collection of outdoor furniture, has been designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and privacy. The material used for the seat is wood.

Kettal Outdoor

Outdoor Kettal

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