March 21, 2017

Our Mission

Introducing FRNSHX

The Future of Furniture Retail

Online Home Shopping: Furniture, Kitchen, Lightning And More


Introducing FRNSHX

Learn how Innovation is reaching also the Luxury side of Retail.

Enhance your Home Shopping experience through the FRNSHX Augmented Reality Integrated System and Advanced Design Consulting.

Find out how your new furniture fits the space before you press the online purchasing button.


Our Vision is to be the world’s most customercentric company in the furniture market, to build a space where people can find any design-related item they might want to buy online, supported and continuously followed by experts.

Each product has been re-created in a 3D version and integrated with an AR app for mobile devices, to make the online purchasing experience even more engaging and interactive.

Value Proposition

FRNSHX’s aim is to link customers (purchasers) and retailers (vendors) operating in the high-end furniture market.

Each product is integrated with an Augmented Reality system available on iOS mobile devices, to perform an even more astonishing and engaging online purchasing experience.

B2B Side

FRNSHX’s business model, on the B2B side, allows retailers to achieve the global market goal, throughout the centralization of internal processes.

B2C Side

On the B2C side, FRNSHX’s value proposition defines a path leading costumers to the most cost-efficient home design/furnish solution.

Customers are continuously followed, step-by-step, by experts.

The whole purchasing process is guided, integrating the architect’s function with the retailer’s one.

→ FRNSHX Technology Advancing Every Company

→ FRNSHX Products Enhancing Every Home

→ FRNSHX Innovation Improving Every Life

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