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MisuraEmme is a company that has passed on its rich heritage of craftsmanship and artisan knowledge for over three generations.

The true embodiment of the Italian style, with all of their products made in Italy, this company operates based on a strong set of values and ideals. Hailing from the Brianza area, the company hires the famous architects who are experts at their jobs. MisuraEmme aims to bond traditions with innovation, creating a wide range of awe inspiring furniture that is suited for every international requirement.

MisuraEmme Over Systems

When choosing a designer system for your drawing room the Over systems are the perfect choice. Designed by Castiglia Associati, the systems spans over 2200m and makes use of woodwork, glass and leather, techno marbles, techno metals, integrated lighting and colors and materials that are capable of truly redefining your home.

MisuraEmme Phoenix Sofas

Designed by Mauro Lipparini, the Phoenix sofas are the perfect blend of contemporary designs along with elegance that is out of this world. Designed to serve the one and only purpose of relaxation, these modular sofas can be used to blend in with most types of decor.

MisuraEmme Sirius Small Table

MisuraEmme outdoes itself with this sleek and classy looking small table designed by Andrei Munteanu. In fact, having a nickel plated metal with a sleek gold finish; these small tables have three legs which are attached to each other with soldering. A marble table top enhances the beauty of this small table which is an ideal fit for any contemporary space.

MisuraEmme provides a wide range of products ranging from beds, sofas, chairs, tables, sideboards and systems. In fact, their elegance and class speaks for itself and makes them a delectable choice.

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