Miniforms: Italian Armchairs, High-end Sofas, Designer Tables


At Miniforms, they believe in elegance not to be formal, severe and static but colorful and vibrant. Enjoy little things and smile.

For many years now they have been designing furniture rich of colors and happiness to enrich any type of home space.

Chair Miniforms Iola

Fun and full of colors, the chair Iola is a unique piece. It fits every space from the all white to the colorful room. Perfect for the bedroom or for the kitchen, but also fitting your office or restaurant.

Sofa Miniforms Lem

Strongly design oriented, the sofa Lem with its particular shape gives character to the room, which can even contain only this sofa to be engaging and with an high-end design touch.

Table Miniforms Acco

The Acco table is an elegant wooden round table, perfect for your living room or kitchen. Its top can also be covered in transparent glass or ceramic, the base being only in wooden material.

Many more products from this fantastic brand range from armchairs, chairs and stools, to coffee tables, dining tables and elegant sofas.

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