Modularity and customization are the key words of FRNSHX Wardrobes Collection. Products in constant development, Wardrobes strictly need functionality among its skills.

Further, another focus must be flexibility: not only in terms of sizes, but also in terms of materials, components and finishes. Basic modules can are adaptable in height, width and depth: hinged, folding, sliding and aligned. A philosophy that our brands pursue since the beginning, combining handicraft know-how with cutting-edge industrial technologies. In fact, the transformation of the production heritage into mechanized processes, led to the definition of a product that ensures the benefits of modern. Retaining the attention to details typical of manual work. Moreover, numerous panels are available on our catalogues, together with an assorted selection of finishes for each choice. Not limited by design restrictions, these products turn into endless closets, each with a different personalized elegance. Discover the entire collection on our e-shop.
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