Small or large. Round or square. Elegant and charming. Are these the characteristic for the perfect pouf?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. In fact, the FRNSHX collection will satisfy all your needs and desires. We have to say that their use isn’t very specific, but their presence is so important, it enriches your home, whether it is your bedroom, the living room or the outdoor. They can have multiple functions. They add a unique touch. Many of our brands include sofas and armchairs, besides poufs. We have a wide range of products, depending on the size and on the empty space you have. It can seat one person or more. In fact, it can become a central piece in your living room. Moreover, they can be used also as storage poufs, where you can put objects that you don’t want to see all over the house (for example, toys, magazines, etc.). Come and discover the entire collection on our E-Shop!
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