Color blends with traditional manufacturing techniques in our Carpets Collection.

Many manufacturers, international brands along with the most famous designers mix shades and fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, to create real masterpieces. In fact, rugs warm up the room and add personality. Buying a rug used to generally mean a Persian or Caucasian rug, hand knotted, precious and sometimes expensive. Very often, the quality and origin of the rug was more important than the color and design. Today, demands are often orientated towards more practical choices, which nevertheless do not forgo aesthetics and design. The FRNSHX  selection offers a series of high quality furnishing accessories, capable of matching, enhancing and completing an interior. Modern, classic, colorful or monochromatic rugs for the bedroom, the living room or the children’s room. See the whole Carpets Collection by FRNSHX.
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