Are you looking for a new mirror? You’ll definitely find the right product for your home in our vast selection.

It includes mirrors in several shapes, styles and colors. This collection symbolizes the attention of our brands to offer a dynamic and distinctive choice. Domestic landscapes and working spaces are further enhanced with a series of design-products which combines functionality and modern interior design. The range includes rigorous and geometrical elements, sculptural volumes and distinctive shapes. Each product joins the game of creativity and imagination. It conveys the unique identity and individuality of mirrors that work equally as freestanding pieces or with other objects around them. Resistant, ecological and fascinating, glasses belong to human history since five thousand years ago. It is a legacy that our brands have inherited and reinterpreted in a complete modern key. Whether you’re looking for a mirror for your bedroom, living room or any other space, FRNSHX mirrors’ collection has the designs that suit your space.
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