Gruppo Fox: Suggestions of a Style


Gruppo Fox’s goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through growth and improvement. Professionalism and relationships established over 30 years of activity are intrinsic values of the Gruppo Fox culture.
Attention to detail, form and comfort are part of a productive language that requires intuition and sensitivity.

Industry and Artisanship

The union between industry and craftsmanship allows wide possibilities of customization in order to produce unique products. This process meets the needs of customers to furnish in perfect harmony the environments of their homes.
All this is integrated with an advanced technology of certified materials for the production of personal and tasteful objects.

A Game of Contrasts

The contrasts of colours and shapes play a very important role in the definition of the product, they require interpretation and coordination in order to achieve the customer’s expectations. Fundamental are the consulting sessions of our highly professional experts, which can be consulted in the authorized points of sale.

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