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March 21, 2017

Global Affiliate Program (GAP)

FRNSHX is always looking for design-forward retail Stores operating in the high-end furniture industry to join its Global Affiliate Program (GAP).

Stores Partner will join GAP as part of one of the two below categories:

H.E. (High-End): if dealing with high-end leading brands of interior design market

EXP. (Experimental): if dealing with contemporary, innovative, emerging labels


Joining GAP is completely free and is subordinate to a selection process which aims at identifying the retailers which best fit the Program and the website orientation.

Stores operating in each part of the world can send an application to the GAP. The only organizational requirement needed is related the products’ delivery process. Each Store has to be capable of respecting the order’ management times FRNSHX provides the costumer with. These order’ management times are always determined in accordance to the manufacturer’ manufacturing times.

Once joined the Program, FRNSHX will manage entirely the Shipping & Assembly, will provide customer service and returns and refunds management.


There is no fix cost required to join the Program. The only fee a Store Partner has to bear is on the goods sold through the marketplace and is equal to 14.29% of the sale price.

Order returns and cancellations are excluded from the fee.

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