Eichholtz: Luxury Tables, Designer Chairs, High-End Sofas and Furniture


The Eichholtz products combine past tradition and different cultures, old and new technologies and trends.

 This brand offers a vast collection of home accessories of European made, to decor and design your interior, home, office, hotel, restaurant.

Chair Romeo

The chair Romeo is designed to gift comfort and serenity to the space. Linear and shaped textiles: the chair’s components, soft and attractive. The Romeo chair adapts well to both modern and classical ambiences.

Chair Lauriston

The original chair Lauriston, with its particular shape and design, will be a spectacular piece in your home’ interior, regardless of whether it is in style art déco, vintage or retrò.

Furniture and Accessories

In the vast selection of Eichholtz home accessories and furniture, you’ll find solutions to every space: desks, chairs, tables, wardrobes, sofas, candles, frames, ashtrays, trays, clock, mirrors, vases. Each piece in fact is designed accurately and realized with love.

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