Draw your world with Google’s ‘Just a Line’ ARCore app

just a line

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When it has new tech, in general Google comes up with some fantastic experiments to go along with it.

In fact, “Just a Line” is a new augmented reality app. It is built on top of Google’s ARCore technology. The idea at the base of this app is very simple. However, it might be one of the more fun apps we’ve ever seen.

In this incredibly app, users have only to look through the camera. In order to see the world around them. And with a tap on the screen, they can start drawing whatever they want. So they can create some unique backgrounds for a picture. Or they can create some games in the real world. It’s a really simple app. And the possibilities are endless…

Just a Line

When you have made a creation, then share it with a short video. Touch the screen to draw, then hit record and share what you make with #justaline.

Everything you draw sticks in place in the world around you. If you’ve got a device compatible with ARCore, you should absolutely download Just a Line and try it out for yourself. The app is free on Google Play.

With the release of ARCore 1.0, a slew of new apps featuring Google’s augmented reality technology have been launched to the Google Play Store. But Google isn’t sitting back and letting everyone else have all the fun — it’s launching AR apps of its own as well. Take, for example, an app it calls “Just a Line.”

just a line

As the name suggests, the app is simple, but it’s still pretty fun. All you can really do is draw white lines over the top of whatever your phone’s camera can see. It’s very similar to Google’s previous AR app, Tilt Brush, which allows users to paint in 3D space. That app was only available on VR-compatible devices, however, so it’s nowhere near as accessible as Just a Line. In fact, there’s a pretty long list of devices that support Google’s ARCore, including the Google Pixel 2, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S9, and so on.

Google does note that the app is a bit of an experiment.

“Just a Line is an AR Experiment that lets you make simple drawings in augmented reality, then share your creation with a short video,” reads the description for the app. “Touch the screen to draw, then hit record and share what you make with #justaline. Just a Line works on any device that supports ARCore.”



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