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FRNSHX Selection (1) Kettal’s Maia, made in aluminum, renews the outdoor with lightness and brightness. Discover a new outdoor concept: https://www.frnshx.com/sofa-kettal-maia/ Opinion Ciatti gifts us a new design culture with this wonderful creation that turns a simple Book-end into an original and fascinating element with which to adorn your library. Venus is the chair characterized[…]

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Breaking News on Renzo Piano’ First Residential Project in the USA

Updates on Renzo Piano’ first residential project in the USA. A luxurious condominium scheme on the North Beach of Miami, Florida. Designed with the collaboration of Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure (RDAI) interior architects, the 66-unit project scheme seeks to embrace both adjacent 35-acre park and the ocean, with a fluid design in order to “blur the line between imagination[…]

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Good architecture is neither the result of rejection nor of replication of history

This article was originally published by Common Edge as “Architecture Ignores History At Its Own Peril.” Gravity is indisputable. In fact, for architects, gravity has a special meaning.  it is the most important force to be dealt with. Also weather, materials and energy matter; but they have local realities, that depends on their location. Besides gravity, there[…]

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One of Norway’s Most Controversial Construction Projects: Snøhetta’s “A House to Die In”

Originally published by Metropolis Magazine as “Inside the Design of Norway’s Most Controversial Building.” The sun goes down very fast over this half-frozen hill; five miles west of Oslo. It was Named “Kikkut”, after a now-demolished villa, the old estate of Edvard Munch (itself now half razed), and save for some graffiti-covered detritus and spring wildflowers, its[…]


Intelligent Machines

INTELLIGENT MACHINES The company that made smartphones smart now wants to give them built-in AI. ARM’s latest mobile processors are tuned to crunch machine-learning algorithms as efficiently as possible. The British chip design firm ARM came up with the processors  used in virtually all the world’s smartphones. Now it plans to add the hardware that[…]


Failing Forward

FAILING FORWARD At the core of Restoration Station is the belief that craft and making can help people to recover from addiction – Failing Forward. And find a route back into society and self-worth. Yet, despite this moving ethos, the personal narrative of the workshop’s volunteers, who every day apply the conventions and techniques of carpentry[…]