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MisuraEmme Ala Table

Christmas Time: Italian Designer Furniture Proposals

Christmas is coming and you interiors need a renewal, your furniture look old and outdated, your preference have changed and you need an interior designer to prepare your home for the winter.   Here are a few proposals of Christmas oriented pieces from Italian world famous designers.   The magic of Christmas lights up the[…]

Piero Lissoni Designer

Most Impressive Interior Designers Who Ever Designed Made In Italy

Made in Italy Interior Design charming World has met many Geniuses along its history. Here 4 Historical Interior Designers.   Are you passionate about designs or simply want to enjoy the beauty around you, in the environments you frequent or live in but you do not have a clear idea of what to choose and[…]

Furniture Milan

High-End Furniture Shopping in Milan: Showrooms, Brands and Addresses

Where do Experts Advice to Shop Made in Italy Design in Milan?   If you think of design, new trends and fashion, think of Milan. Capital of the great names associated with Made in Italy and its craftsmanship, as well as innovation and technology to guarantee quality, durability and attention to detail. You can’t miss[…]

Le Corbu RAM Stern Stitch x

Good Architecture is Neither the Result of Rejection nor of Replication of History

This article was originally published by Common Edge as “Architecture Ignores History At Its Own Peril.” Gravity is indisputable. In fact, for architects, gravity has a special meaning.  it is the most important force to be dealt with. Also weather, materials and energy matter; but they have local realities, that depends on their location. Besides gravity, there[…]


Bedside Lamps

Light is a fundamental element in the design of a living room, it gives completeness and plays a decisive role also in terms of functionality. This is especially true when you have to choose the bedside lamps for your bedroom. Many factors come into play here – you’ll want to sleep, read, rest and sometimes[…]

Chester Moon Baxter

Sofas Trends: Styles not to be Missed

The choice of a sofa, soften, is one of those moments that requires careful reflection and does not like impulsive choices. Moreover, the sofa is one of the most significant furnishing elements for your interiors. The model that we choose, or will choose, often tells a lot about the needs of the landlord. Is it preferable[…]

IMG 0149 Rid

Colors Trends

The return of the autumn season and its rains is definitely one of those moments of the year that needs a positive note. An extra boost that makes you live in harmony with your daily routine. The addition of new colors to your interior is a great way to escape from the monotony. But also[…]


Wallpaper Evolution

In the past, when people spoke about wallpaper, an idea of old-fashioned and outmoded furniture came to mind. Today, thanks to the latest trends in design, the use of wallpaper has become the distinctive element that gives our houses that extra touch of creativity and style. Black and White Elegance Although thin, a sheet of[…]