March 18, 2017


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For 15 years our designers have been working alongside with each customer in the process of realization and customization of the space. The strength of our service is the ability to develop projects not only sophisticated, innovative and design & detail oriented, but also custom-made.

Therefore, we believe that one of the most pleasant sensations when beeing at Home is to feel that the space is entirely tailor-made. Designed on one’s personal needs and habits.

Hence, it is probably this interpretation of the interior design which makes our Design Your Space service one of the best in the market from our customer’s point of view. Since it allows us to implement comfortable and adaptive solutions to the necessities of each customer, making him/her happy of having chosen us.


Furthermore, key elements of the process of design are definitely the elements that furnish the space. Each product on FRNSHX can be chosen in a bunch of different combinations of components, sizes, colors, materials, gadgets, etc. And it often gets difficult for the customer to make the best decision alone.

The Product Design service is offered by the FRNSHX Staff together with the Design Your Space service (form below), on specific request by sending an email to [email protected]. This service is also available for free and without any purchasing obligation.

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