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Contardi: look the light with different eyes

A company that works hard and with passion without neglecting the importance of processes, the value of materials and customer satisfaction.

Contardi was born in 1979, to develop the most complex and laborious projects of Stilnovo. Over time Contardi becomes an important reference in the world of lighting, from homes to hotels, generally in interior design contexts in the elegant and refined style and in the market of trendy decorations. In 2014 he also opened a branch in New York.

The collection

Contardi’s catalogue is divided into several categories: Decorative, classic, external and reading arches. All types of lighting are present, from suspensions to table lamps and lanterns. Outdoors Muse Lantern: real lantern, with classic lines, but with a modern design. Excellent material: bronze, leather and glass combined together. Muse Lantern is a collection that has two variants, floor and suspension.

Contardi evolves along with technology, Muse Lantern Battery, with batteries included, to make it easier to illuminate an interior or exterior space.

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