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Introducing FRNSHX / The Future of Furniture RetailAUGMENTED REALITYLearn how Innovation is reaching also the Luxury side of Retail. Enhance your Home Shopping experience using our Augmented Reality integrated system through the FRNSHX iOS Mobile App. Find out how your new furniture fits the space where you want to place it before you press the online purchasing button.MissionOur vision is to be the world’s most customer–centric company in the furniture market, to build a space where people can find any design-related item they might want to buy online, supported and continuously followed by experts.Each product has been re-created in a 3D Model version and integrated with a Augmented Reality system available for the iOS mobile devices, to perform an even more astonishing online purchasing experience.DynamicsFRNSHX allows its customers online shopping from the Earth’s biggest selection of design pieces from high-end furniture Stores around the globe at the lowest prices available in the market for those pieces.People can ask for 3D design project rendering(s) of their space(s), for free and without any obligation to purchase.Just contact our architects and ask for advice, feedback, 3D project rendering of your space(s), Feng Shui, Bio-architecture and much more.Worldwide Shipping and Assembly is centralized and provided by the platform.Each item object of transaction between purchaser and vendor results therefore sold on behalf of the vendor itself.Purchasers will exclusively relate with the platform for any kind of request (technical, formal, confidential) and for returns.This whole model guarantees not only a huge range of pieces to shop, from the established luxury brands of the market to the most impressive new designers, but also all the opportunities provided by the 3D innovation.Upload the space-map(s), describe your expectations, receive the project(s) For 15 years our architects have been working alongside with each customer in the design and customization of the space. Our ability to develop projects not only sophisticated, innovative and design-and-details oriented, but also tailor-made, is our strength.Our Vision is the one which believes that the most pleasant sensations when beeing at Home is to deeply feel that the space is entirely customized on the base of not only your preferences, but also your habits and needs.We believe the key elements of the design to be the elements decorating the space. A huge, wonderful place may often look poor and sad if is not decorated with the right pieces, fitted exactly for that space.Each product, here on FRNSHX, can be chosen in several combinations of components, sizes, colours, materials, gadgets, functionalities, etc., often making it not an easy way for users to make their best choice alone.Are you looking for the right furniture for your home? The perfect home is all about balance. Between elegance and functionality, creativity and modernity. Here you will find a variety of ideas for interior decoration that address all needs. The right combination of design for every space. You will find the perfect product in our vast collection, which includes tables, sofas, accessories, beds, desks, bookcases, armchairs, chairs in many shapes, styles and colors. Furthermore, we deal with the most luxurious brands, including: Cassina, Poltrona Frau, Kartell, Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Kettal, Twils, Lema, Tonelli Design, Glas Italia.Our goal is to create unique pieces that can enrich your every day life with a touch of Design. In fact, you’ll find the entire collection on our e-shop.

Colour Trends 2017

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The return of the autumn season and its rains is definitely one of those moments of the year that needs a positive note. An extra boost that makes you live in harmony with your daily routine. The addition of new colours to your interior is a great way to escape from the monotony. But also to enrich your home with the latest coming trends. For you, who love to renew your rooms, we have selected the colors that are influencing the current trends.

Marss Green

The Marss Green is officially the most popular colour in the world according to the online contest launched by the British paper company G.F Smith. Marss Green, a dark and intense greenwater, is confirmed in 2017 as a reference colour for the design and furniture. Marss Green can be adapted to all styles from carpets, wallpaper, even to the smallest of furnishings. Contardi in his line of Calypso lamps, inspired by the ’40s, uses the Marss Green. It is combined with neutral colors such as white and black. With the addition of small gold-coloured elements, thus evoking a tropical and glamorous environment.

Pale Dogwood

Sophisticated and unexpected, the pink colour is the protagonist of the latest trends, from fashion to design all crazy for the Palewood Dogwood. The Pantone Fashion Colour Report signals it among the 10 most popular colours of the moment. So this is not a temporary trend but a real question of style. Thanks to its delicate nuance, Pale Dogwood, fits into a trail of serene and comfortable colours that create an aura of purity and innocence. High Court proposes the LH10 lamp in lacquered industry iron. Combined with materials such as wood, wicker or pastel colours, Pale Dogwood gives a romantic but never banal touch to your interior.

Harbor Mist

The classic basic shades play an essential role when it comes to furniture. So Pantone draws up a list dedicated to the classic colours that are most influencing the trends of the moment. Harbor Mist is placed at the top of the ranking as a neutral colour par excellence. Determined, enigmatic but at the same time clear for its simplicity. It is the right choice for a home where the furniture wants to surprise and charm with taste. The Harbor Mist can be the background to stronger hues, softening the effect. Or can be used as the main colour in contrast to the boldest shades. Bonaldo combines the Cava sofa, upholstered in leather or fabric, with blue elements, that enhance the peaceful yet solid soul of the Harbor Mist.


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