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Colors Trends

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The return of the autumn season and its rains is definitely one of those moments of the year that needs a positive note. An extra boost that makes you live in harmony with your daily routine. The addition of new colors to your interior is a great way to escape from the monotony. But also to enrich your home with the latest coming trends. For you, who love to renew your rooms, we have selected the colors that are influencing the current trends.

Marss Green

The Marss Green is officially the most popular color in the world according to the online contest launched by the British paper company G.F Smith. Marss Green, a dark and intense greenwater, is confirmed in 2017 as a reference color for the design and furniture. Marss Green can be adapted to all styles from carpets, wallpaper, even to the smallest of furnishings. Contardi in his line of Calypso lamps, inspired by the ’40s, uses the Marss Green. It is combined with neutral colors such as white and black. With the addition of small gold-colored elements, thus evoking a tropical and glamorous environment.

Pale Dogwood

Sophisticated and unexpected, the pink color is the protagonist of the latest trends, from fashion to design all crazy for the Palewood Dogwood. The Pantone Fashion Color Report signals it among the 10 most popular colors of the moment. So this is not a temporary trend but a real question of style. Thanks to its delicate nuance, Pale Dogwood, fits into a trail of serene and comfortable colors that create an aura of purity and innocence. High Court proposes the LH10 lamp in lacquered industry iron. Combined with materials such as wood, wicker or pastel colors, Pale Dogwood gives a romantic but never banal touch to your interior.

Harbor Mist

The classic basic shades play an essential role when it comes to furniture. So Pantone draws up a list dedicated to the classic colors that are most influencing the trends of the moment. Harbor Mist is placed at the top of the ranking as a neutral color par excellence. Determined, enigmatic but at the same time clear for its simplicity. It is the right choice for a home where the furniture wants to surprise and charm with taste. The Harbor Mist can be the background to stronger hues, softening the effect. Or can be used as the main color in contrast to the boldest shades. Bonaldo combines the Cava sofa, upholstered in leather or fabric, with blue elements, that enhance the peaceful yet solid soul of the Harbor Mist.

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