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Colico: discover the tradition and explore the evolution with design elements all made in Italy.

From tradition to evolution

Italian company, Colico was born in 1920 in Varedo, initially producing chairs and tables. Now is a reference in the world of home furniture. Being family-run, it is precisely Walter Colico’s entrance to make the company an icon in the design world in 1982, thanks to the values ​​of the tradition of craftsmanship and discovering the power of evolution up to other contents and design products.

The Catalogue

Chairs, tables, stools, everything for your house. Quality and comfort combined with taste and elegance. An example of a perfect combination for a modern, harmonious and colorful environment could be composed by the innovative Acqua Alta table. This table born from the collaboration between the designer Diego Bassetti and the architect Andrea Panzieri.  It’s a table that gives stability, sturdiness and magnificence. Perfect combination of knotted oak and painted steel. It is an extendable table, characterized by feet for a part in steel, marking only the outline. Also available in the bar table version. To have a colorful and playful combination, Brera chair is perfect; pure solid beech wood available in bright and cheerful colors. All that remains is to choose.

Explore the design to live

the peculiarity of the elements, the constant research and application of the best cutting-edge technologies, with an attention to sustainability, guarantees the production of valuable elements with a strong stylistic imprint. The Colico products are used both for private and business use, then marketed for private and interior and exterior furniture, but also in sets of prominent television broadcasts.

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