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Christmas Time: Italian Designer Furniture Proposals

MisuraEmme Ala Table

Christmas is coming and you interiors need a renewal, your furniture look old and outdated, your preference have changed and you need an interior designer to prepare your home for the winter.

Here are a few proposals of Christmas oriented pieces from Italian world famous designers.

The magic of Christmas lights up the desire to make our house the most welcoming place in the world, where you can find moments of celebration, peace and family joy. Perfumes, colours, lights and enchantment are the ingredients used in creating ancient and renewed emotions.

However, each person has its own preferred environment: to make sure that the atmosphere is the right one, it is important to choose the style you want first of all. Christmas of 2018 is GOLD, with references from Baroque to Rococò, associated with the shades of marc as well as brown and blue to make festive days refined, elegant and regal. The lanterns and candlesticks are the master.

Alf DaFrè Jag Table Modern

Right below some of our suggestions:

Candle Holder Seletti Fingers or the Lantern Normann Copenhagen Light House, a blue tablecloth that lights up with a Flatware Seletti Quasar set of cutlery, making it an instant party.

If, on the other hand, glitz doesn’t suit you and what you are looking for is a soft and simple place, where you can soothe your heart in the warmth of your family, perhaps the style you are looking for is the shabby chic style where traditional Christmas is rediscovered with bells, owls, reindeer and elves and is filled with materials that recall nature and the winter forests. Imagine you are sitting on your sofa and to your right you have your Enza, the Miniforms sideboard that creates a contrast with the cold of the outside world with its wood and its simple lines. Imagine sipping a warm herbal tea while watching your child discard gifts sitting down on a Firenze carpet made by Opinion Ciatti, thus making the house relive the simplicity of fairy tales.

Whatever the style you prefer in your home, you can certainly not miss the Apollo lamps by Cattelan Italia, combined according to your needs, which for their spherical shape and reference to glass and golden colours light up, creating an atmosphere of magic instantly.

Discover the Lema Mobili collection, the canaletto walnut, the burnt oak and the matt lacquer for dressing your living room during the winter. The Mustique sofa and the Ortelia sideboard will keep you company if the preferred style is modern compared to the classic or traditional ones.

Regardless of whether your Christmas is full of parties, whether quiet and familiar, whether fashionable or old-fashioned, a cosy and warm house, with attention to detail in simplicity or refinement, will warm every heart, making Christmas better for everyone.

Candle Holder Seletti Fingers Interior

Miniforms Enza Sideboard Interior

Alf DaFrè Aliante Table

Tonelli Design Metropolis Table Ceramic Round

Alf DaFrè Sliver Wardrobe Design

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