Cerasa: Contemporary and Modern Italian Designer Baths


If you are looking to style your bathroom the best way, then Cerasa is the place to go to. Being in the business of multiple decades now, this brand has plenty of experience when it comes to styling your bathroom the best way.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Bathroom Composition Movida are products of this brand. Cerasa #14 has an integrated basin design while Cerasa has a Pitagora basin design. Tops of both compositions are matt fog Ocritec, while Cerasa #14 has a dual tone top with white Ocritec as well.

Modern Trendy Designs

Be it shabby chic, contemporary, vintage, classic, or modern trendy designs, this brand will take care of it all. It will design and style your bathroom much beyond your expectations in accordance with the design of the rest of your house.

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