Bedside Lamps

Light is a fundamental element in the design of a living room, it gives completeness and plays a decisive role also in terms of functionality. This is especially true when you have to choose the bedside lamps for your bedroom. Many factors come into play here – you’ll want to sleep, read, rest and sometimes[…]


Eco Sustainability In Furnishing

In recent years the value of environmental sustainability has spread exponentially to influence, in many ways, our daily choices. The continuous search for products that respect the environment could not avoid a manifestation in one of the sectors of greatest involvement of our life. That of the furniture. Furnitures, in fact, contribute to creating our living[…]

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Sofas Trends: 4 styles not to be missed

The choice of a sofa, soften, is one of those moments that requires careful reflection and does not like impulsive choices. Moreover, the sofa is one of the most significant furnishing elements for your interiors. The model that we choose, or will choose, often tells a lot about the needs of the landlord. Is it preferable[…]

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Colour Trends 2017

The return of the autumn season and its rains is definitely one of those moments of the year that needs a positive note. An extra boost that makes you live in harmony with your daily routine. The addition of new colours to your interior is a great way to escape from the monotony. But also[…]


The Wallpaper Evolution

In the past, when people spoke about wallpaper, an idea of old-fashioned and outmoded furniture came to mind. Today, thanks to the latest trends in design, the use of wallpaper has become the distinctive element that gives our houses that extra touch of creativity and style. Black and White Elegance Although thin, a sheet of[…]

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Outdoor Living

The boundary between the internal and the external environments of a home becomes ever more subtle. In fact, today we consider terraces, balconies and gardens as an extension of our home. We provide them with everything we need to host our moments of relaxation and conviviality. As if they were, in fact, additional rooms with[…]

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