Seletti Design

Born in 1964 in Cicognara, Mantova. Seletti, from its first year, has followed its principle of professionality service. Moreover, constant research to strive for betterness innovation and originality. The focus of the company is on design projects, and creative characteristic Italian excellence. In fact, the collections containing art blended with daily life icons, send a message of shape and function. Moreover, conveying to its customers a vision for a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. In addition, today Seletti aims at new productions; an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty. Finally, we want to introduce you Alessandro Dubini. He is an Italian designer. After studies in design and architecture in Milan, and a degree in engineering, he opened his first studio in Como, Italy. Alessandro’s work is intuitive and eclectic; characterized by elegance often matched with a playful, magic touch.

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