Opinion Ciatti: Bookcases, chairs, lamps and more


Being in the market since 1950, Opinion Ciatti has given tough competition to other companies which provide interior decorative pieces of furniture like bookshelves and tables. Excellence and over-the-top customer service are the exclusive features of Opinion Ciatti.

Armchair Opinion Ciatti Guelfo

Armchair Opinion Ciatti Guelfo is a black coloured chair with the structure made of nickel. Covering and colours can be customized.

Bookcase Opinion Ciatti Ptolomeo Art

Bookcase Opinion Ciatti Ptolomeo Art is a unique and stylish vertical book rack. The design is made of metal with a matte finish.

More Products

Opinion Ciatti produces unique and stylish chairs, lamps, bookcases, benches, and other types of such furniture. Each item is exclusively designed, and every little detail is paid attention to.

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