MUfactory Design
MU’factory is an italian design studio established in 2003 by the designer Cetti Davì and the visual artist Dario Feo.
Their collaboration has produced a variety of highly original art-design projects through experimentations with unusual materials, such as silicone. Together they created MU’trans and MU’light projects, home accessories and lamps, which have participated in numerous exhibitions, winning the international “A Design Award”. Today, these artists are continuing to evolve. Cetti is developing design and art-design projects by working with a wide range of shapes and materials. She is involved with the projects on many levels, even performing in presentations for many of her pieces. Her Chameleon-like persona never misses an opportunity to express her artistic vision. Dario, on the other hand, is working on a variety of personal and professional visual art projects. He also manages the company’s photography, web design, and advertisement campaigns.
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