Abhika furniture

Abhika: “The freedom of those who dare comes from a strong urge to create”

Abhika started its first collection of interior decorations and home furnishing in 2008. With the ambitious purpose to create a total look for elegant homes, smart hotels, refined public spaces and high end events. That aims to amaze the visitor, involving him into an emotional experience. In fact, from that first step we have kept on developing beautiful design objects; piece of furniture with strong character and fresh new ideas. In addition, up to now we have presented various collections with different inspirations. Thanks to the influence of our stylists, architects and buyers from all around the world. In fact, they have contributed to state the unique style of our brand. Today, with a wide range of “made in Italy” furnishing, produced by local artisans, as well as decorative items sourced both from Europe and the rest of the world, Abhika offers solutions for exclusive and refined interiors. In fact, the key ingredients are: our search of the product, the constant style innovation and the flexibility in coping with the needs of our customers. Indeed, besides creating and enriching your environments, Abhika allows you to amend the measurements of a large part of our furniture and lighting collection; change materials, colors and finishes. To customize your choice and adding your personal style.

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