Braid: the art of weaving

Braid is born from three key elements: family, potential and laboratory.

At the end of the 70s, from a small family reality, begin to look far and to create indoor and outdoor items entirely hand-woven, enhancing materials such as wicker and rattan. Cloe for example, is a collection with an aluminum structure, woven natural fiber and soft shapes, manages to make every single element special. Explore the chairs, tables, shell, sofas, beds and the whole collection.

All done the way you like.

Sofas, coffee tables, desks, armchairs take shape from natural and synthetic fibers, guaranteeing the customer the highest quality, reliability and durability over time. Great element of success for the company: take the customer the opportunity to customize, shapes, colors and entire achievements.

Values ​​and made in Italy

remain a staple for Braid, which maintains excellence and quality, renewing constantly.

Metropolitan, modern style, aesthetic research, parish churches and voids, basic colors. The perfect collection to furnish with style.

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