October 12, 2017



The BioArchitecture is a science about living born 40 years ago from the need to save energy, as oil and coal are two depleted resources.

In order to save energy the BioArchitecture suggests to adopt the criteria of a “passive house”. Hence, to carry out checks on building materials, insulators, directions of openings, lighting and finally the a air conditioning of the rooms.

A product is Biosostainable if it guarantees brevity in the transport, in the production cycles and in the processing cycles. Is instead defined Biocompatible:

  • a material not harmful to man and nature.
  • a non-polluting process and a processing procedure.
  • a waste consisting of a material not polluting during the disposal phase.

The renewable energy sources, as well as those based on the principles of the BioArchitecture are: Sun, Wind, Sea

The “Environmental Comfort in fact is an index of the bodily approval of the environmental conditions that impact the psychophysical health of man.


Re creating an Environment in 8 Steps:

  • Design of architecture and living systems, so that space is fractal and phase conjugate – and therefore life enhancing.
  • Learn to design working places where you reduce absenteeism to almost zero, such as the Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam.
  • Make layouts that reduce Elektro-smog.
  • Understand how to build and design spaces that generate Life Force.
  • Use natural geometries, shapes, forms, ratios and growth patterns to design our spaces in order to create life and truly sustainable systems. This is “Full Spectrum Architecture” – not just “green architecture”!
  • How to include patterns of paramagnetic stones in buildings, such as Dolmens, Geometrical layouts, labyrinths.
  • Learn how life has the ability to attract and auto-organize electromagnetic charge fields. “The more harmonic inclusiveness the more fractality the more fractality the more life.”
  • Fundamentally – we define, measure and achieve the CONCEPT of how living growth force is brought to ANY space through bringing FRACTALITY to that space.

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The Bio-Architecture Design Planning Service is available by accurately filling the form below and sending the request. It is free of charge and without any obligation to purchase. In the project process of development, the expert and the applicant will interact several times since BioArchitecture needs several pieces of information regarding the space and the building hosting it. It requires detailed pics of certain elements and other key elements. All these things are necessary for BioArchitecture to produce its effects.

Average Timing: 3/4 weeks

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