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Light is a fundamental element in the design of a living room, it gives completeness and plays a decisive role also in terms of functionality. This is especially true when you have to choose the bedside lamps for your bedroom. Many factors come into play here – you’ll want to sleep, read, rest and sometimes even work.  A careful planning of lighting is therefore essential to meet all your needs without sacrificing the warm and relaxing atmosphere of your bedroom. There are many models that could inspire you but we have selected three different types that are dictating the current trends.

Abat-jour: the Timeless Classic

From the French words Abat: reduce and Jour: light, the abat-jour is an indispensable classic item of suffused and delicate lighting with a strong aesthetic value. The structure of the abat-jour consists in a typical support base and a lampshade, it can filter the light and create a magical and extremely romantic effect. The used materials range from ceramics, to glass, to metal for the base and the classic solid-color fabric, textured or pleated for the shade. Barovier & Toso include in their collection the “Sara”, abat-jour with soft colors and slim forms, with a metal base embellished by a gold leaf applied externally and ideal for those who prefer a chic and elegant design.


Wall Lamp: Practicality & Style

Wall lamps or wall lights can be a very practical solution if, for example, you have a little space and prefer to use differently your bedside table or simply have a choice of furniture dictated by a simple and modern taste. Axolight offers these features with the “AX20” wall lamp in chromed metal and with an adjustable arm that allows you to direct the light according to your needs.



Pendant Lamp: A Touch of Originality

The pendant lamps for the bedroom are definitely an alternative to the classic bedside lamps, with a strong aesthetic impact they are ideal for those who have high ceilings and love an original and exclusive style. An excellent proposal is the “Solitario” pendant lamp designed by Contardi and characterized by a spherical glass diffuser in blown glass and a minimal design that can be adapted to any type of environment depending on the finish and composition chosen. Solitario is a product that allows an immediate and natural personalization.


Useful Advice

Remember that generally, whatever solution you choose, all bedside lamps should emit a light that is not too strong because they are at the same level as your eyes. The ideal is to use light bulbs that emit a warm light. In this way you will make your room much more welcoming by creating a suggestive atmosphere. If you want a bright but not annoying light, choose LED lamps: they are available in many colors, they consume little, do not generate heat and have also a long life.


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