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Barovier & Toso, from 1295 to the Salone del Mobile 2019

Chandeliers Taif
“In seven centuries of history we have seen fashions come and go.
Some minimalist, others more baroque, but all equally busy chasing the time that passes, in a desperate search for the “new”.
In Venice, however, time flows slowly.
There’s no hurry, just the time and space needed to refine an art.
So, we decided to take our time, to do something unique and original.
Something that can last forever.
Something that goes beyond the ephemeral charm of a season. It takes strength to shape glass from sand and fire.
It takes patience to arrive at the perfect shape without compromise and it takes heart, a lot of heart, to bring a legendary tradition of luxury lighting up till today, in a perfect balance between past, present and future.
But once again we can afford the luxury of time.
And maybe you too.”


Light Beyond Time

Barovier & Toso is the sixth oldest family business in the world, which is still in business. It has existed since the first quarter of the millennium, back in 1295! Can you imagine? And, I don’t mean to boast about it, but it’s Italian!

A bit of history

The origins of the family are from Treviso. First in Castelfranco Veneto, then in Murano. Summarize the history of  Barovier’s family is really complicated, centuries and centuries of history. They are a real dynasty of glassmakers, they began as simply “glass blowers” (they made bottles) and now they are a reference in the world of lighting, furniture and luxury design.

Barovier's family

I suggest you go and read the history of the Barovier family,it’s very interesting. However, we do not want to focus on the Barovier family, but on the “Barovier & Toso”. We’ve seen a little of Barovier,

Barovier & Toso company

& Toso?

S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso, an Italian joint-stock company, founded in 1895, famous for the first glass works with a “modern” taste, of which we are aware. Vases of murrine, blown glass, up to tinned glass lamps. Over the years, SAIAR Ferro-Toso has collected awards for the majesty of its projects.

 Artistic Vases

So, around 1936, Barovier and S.A.I.A.R Ferro-Tosi decided to “merge” their roads, creating the “Ferro-Toso-Barovier”, which became a few years later the Barovier-Toso&C. Two companies, a single project dedicated to lighting and art objects.

4 Secular Values

For a company that has been constantly renewing itself for centuries, the values that made all this possible cannot be missing; in fact, we can find what determined the success and magnificence of Barovier & Toso in:


which apparently only Murano has managed to preserve. In the common imagination we are used to seeing Venice as a dream city, with a still image for a perfect postcard, and without a doubt it is, but for the master craftsmen it is also a treasure chest of their secrets, untouched over the centuries, which it still preserves the techniques and secrets of the trade today.  As with plants, there are many that grow thanks to the good soil and good farmers, likewise for the Murano glass; what makes it special, in addition to the work of craftsmen, is Murano itself.


We have talked about secrets before, and Barovier & Toso has inherited many of them, handed down over the past 700 years. This is precisely one of the strengths, to maintain sweat and hard work for twenty generations, accompanied by the constant search for meaning and the desire to create something new that lasts more than a lifetime.

Passion and Alchemy

It was Ercole Barovier, artistic director of the glassworks for almost the entire 20th century, who said:


Ercole Barovier

Ercole Barovier

And it is only with this passion and this love that the glass masters, for centuries and even today, manage to have the dedication and patience to work for hours in the furnace at more than 1200 degrees and to blow on those grains of sand, making them glass and then extraordinary works of art.


Here we can only speak of excellence, not only for the awards that both families collected over the years, but above all for the nobility and the high aesthetic value expressed in their masterpieces, an element that we also find in the company’s logo that looks like a noble coat of arms.


It was history, but what about it?

Obviously it is literally impossible to talk about all the works, projects, objects that Barovier & Toso has produced in seven centuries of history, all elements that have become part of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage but also and above all worldwide, precisely because of the numerous collaborations in public art initiatives in which Barovier & Toso has taken part. What has undoubtedly remained constant and visually tangible is the exaltation of luxury, which although changing in shape and time, Barovier & Toso has always enhanced their creations with light, beauty and elegance. Let’s see what this is all about.


Barovier & Toso, boasts 182 masterpieces, which I invite you to look directly in the collection section of their website, and that we can subdivide into categories:

  • Chandeliers
  • Suspensions
  • Ceiling
  • Wall
  • Table
  • Floor

They are the result of the right combination between the tradition of Venetian chandeliers, rich in decorations and colours, and the simple and elegant lines of the classic style. Unique in style and spectacular sources of emotion.

Chandeliers Taif

Chandeliers Taif

Chandeliers Taif

Chandeliers Taif

Chandeliers Taif

Chandeliers Taif

Chandeliers Taif


Think a little, this chandelier was born in 1980 to illuminate, nothing less than the residence of the Saudi king, in Taif, the city from which it takes its name. Directly commissioned by the King from a French studio that turned to Barovier & Toso. Following the production of Taif, it was Angelo who found himself struggling to combine the purely French request with the Venetian style, and as reported directly on the company’s website ” it required an initial cleaning, bringing the Murano glass to its most essential presence, and then elevating it again in an original style”. Taif is still the icon of Barovier & Toso, a key element in opening up new formal and material perspectives, a symbol of the search for timeless perfection. Taif is available with 6, 9, 12 or 18 lights, with the addition of the wall version with 2 or 5 lights.  The metal parts are chrome-plated and gold-coloured in the gold version.


A real explosion of glass, in the most diverse working techniques studied and handed down by Barovier & Toso, in a play of colours and volumes in perfect balance and symmetry, thanks to the presence of arms.  Chrome-plated structure, LED lighting.