Lowboard Gold Waves Opinion Ciatti
Round Rug Seletti Eye and Mouth
Opinion Ciatti Waves
Armchair Seletti LIPSTICKS
Table Bora Bora Cattelan Italia
Armchair Abhika Kellit
Armchair Seletti Shit
Sideboard Lema Conchiglia
Armchair Abhika Bari
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Introducing FRNSHX

Learn how Innovation is reaching also the Luxury side of Retail.

Enhance your Home Shopping experience through the FRNSHX Augmented Reality Integrated System and Advanced Design Consulting.

Find out how your new furniture fits the space before you press the online purchasing button.



Our Vision is to be the world’s most customercentric company in the furniture market, to build a space where people can find any design-related item they might want to buy online, supported and continuously followed by experts.

Each product has been re-created in a 3D version and integrated with an AR app for mobile devices, to make the online purchasing experience even more engaging and interactive.



FRNSHX allows its customers online shopping from the Earth’s biggest selection of design-pieces from high-end furniture Stores around the globe.

Within FRNSHX a sort of internal competition is continuously running among retailers aiming to sell through the Marketplace.

Namely, to actualize the sale the retailer presenting its products on FRNSHX, seeks to insert a sale price for its items slightly lower than the one inserted by its competitors, to entice the customers to choose it.

The mentioned process triggers a vortex of downward prices allowing the FRNSHX’s customers to buy high-end top-branded products at competitive prices – from 3% to 15% lower than the traditional market prices.

Whomever interfaces with the platform gets the opportunity to ask for a 3D design project rendering of a space, for free and without any obligation to purchase.

Just get to the form and fill it up, requesting our architects anything you need, from advice and feedback to a single, entire 3D rendering.

Worldwide Shipping and Assembly are centralized and provided by FRNSHX.

Purchasers will exclusively relate with the platform for any kind of request (technical, formal, confidential) and for returns.

This whole model guarantees not only a huge range of pieces to shop, from the established luxury brands of the market to the most impressive new designers, but also all the opportunities introduced by the Augmented Reality innovation.

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