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Ortelia1 granata
LEMA dormeuse EYDO design Francesco Rota ROX
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Introducing FRNSHX – The Future of Furniture Retail – Furniture, Kitchen, Home Accessories



Learn how Innovation is reaching also the Luxury side of Retail. Enhance your Home Shopping experience using our Augmented Reality integrated system through the FRNSHX 3D Model iOS Mobile App. Find out how your new furniture fits the spaces where you want to place it, before you press the online purchasing button.



Our vision is to be the Earth’s most customercentric company in the furniture market, to build a place where people can come and find any design-related item they might want to buy online, supported and continuously followed by experts.

Each product is integrated with a Augmented Reality system which exploits the 3D Model functionalities in iOS mobile devices, to perform an even more astonishing online purchasing experience.



FRNSHX allows its customers online shopping from the Earth’s biggest selection of design pieces from high-end furniture Stores around the globe at the lowest prices available in the market for those pieces.

People can ask for 3D design project rendering(s) of their space(s), for free and without any obligation to purchase.

Just contact our architects and ask for advicefeedback3D project rendering of your space(s), Feng Shui, Bio-architecture and much more.

Worldwide Shipping and Assembly is centralized and provided by the platform.

Each item object of transaction between purchaser and vendor results therefore sold on behalf of the vendor itself.

Purchasers will exclusively relate with the platform for any kind of request (technical, formal, confidential) and for returns.

This whole model guarantees not only a huge range of pieces to shop, from the established luxury brands of the market to the most impressive new designers, but also all the opportunities provided by the 3D innovation.

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